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Three New Crew Members Arrive at International Space Station

Three new crew members arrived at the International Space Station which marks the first long-term increase in crew size on the U.S. segment from three to four, allowing NASA to maximize time dedicated to research. Highlights of upcoming investigations include demonstrating the benefits of manufacturing fiber optic filaments in a microgravity environment, a new study looking to slow or reverse muscle atrophy in astronauts during spaceflight, and exploring the ability of a synthetic bone material that adheres bone to metal within minutes to accelerate bone repair.

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Future Of Aging: Supporting Older Adults With Artificial Intelligence

With nearly one third of the population of non-institutionalized older adults living alone in 2015, with even higher proportions for women over the age of 75, VAPA’ (Voice-Activated Personal Assistants e.g. Alexa, Siri or Google’s Now) could help people with the safety, security and social connections needed for healthy living.

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Google Promises To Bury “Questionable” Content On YouTube [VIDEO]

Google, owner of YouTube, stated that it will be adding a policy to screen “Questionable” videos. These videos will now come with a warning, be banned from featuring adds or collecting advertising revenue, or be recommended, endorsed, or commented on. Users will still be able to find the content once the policy goes into effect, but it will eliminate one of the most prominent means of transmission – sharing over social media networks like Twitter and the messaging app Telegram. Unfortunately, figuring out how to censor extremist content while taking precautions not to trod too heavily on free speech has been a longstanding problem for YouTube.

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Three More Ways to Get Bitcoin

There are many trading platforms that people can use to purchase and sell bitcoin, but sometimes people don’t want to go through the hassle of registering with an exchange. On the other hand, some individuals also don’t want to use Localbitcoins as they may dislike the process of dealing with peer-to-peer traders. Many people don’t know that there are other types of methods individuals can use to purchase and sell bitcoin, and some of them may be at your local convenience store.

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‘Diamond-Age’ of Power Generation as Nuclear Batteries Developed [VIDEO]

New technology has been developed that uses nuclear waste to generate electricity in a nuclear-powered battery. A team of physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol have grown a man-made diamond that, when placed in a radioactive field, is able to generate a small electrical current. The development could solve some of the problems of nuclear waste, clean electricity generation and battery life.

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