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New Li-Fi Is 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi [VIDEO]

We’ve all heard of Wi-Fi.  It’s the transmission of data through the air via radio bands.  But, have you heard of Li-Fi?  Well, that’s communication via the light spectrum.  That’s right, data can be transmitted by light.  What kind of light?  How about every light in your house being a transmitter.  The idea is no longer science fiction but, science […]

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Auto-Drive Has Arrived With The Tesla Autopilot [VIDEO]

Many of us are familiar with the self parking cars released by the auto industry but, Tesla motors is the first one to roll out a totally hands free self-driving car.  The Tesla Autopilot is a software release that allows the Tesla Model S car (and eventually their SUV) to drive itself.  In Tesla’s Press Release concerning their Autopilot Software they stated: […]

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New Google Technology Will Make Touch Technology Archaic [VIDEO]

Google is working on a new project, Project Soli.  Project Soli is a chip that interprets radar signals to such a fine level that minute gestures of the hand can control many of our everyday tasks.  The incredible part of the technology is its reliability while using no lenses, moving parts or anything; just a chip.  This translates into nothing that […]

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New Design Could Finally Help To Bring Fusion Power Closer To Reality [VIDEO]

It’s an old joke that many fusion scientists have grown tired of hearing: Practical nuclear fusion power plants are just 30 years away — and always will be. But now, finally, the joke may no longer be true: Advances in magnet technology have enabled researchers at MIT to propose a new design for a practical compact tokamak fusion reactor — […]

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How far would a basketball with backspin go? The Magnus Effect Displayed [VIDEO]

A group of people were at the Gordon Damn in Tasmania trying to break the world record for the farthest free-throw.  But, during their exploits, one of them dropped the basketball with a slight spin on it.  The ball took off!  This demonstration is what is known as The Magnus Effect. Share This ArticleFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail

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