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China “Refuses” To Hand Over Raw Data On Early COVID Cases To WHO Team

A Wall Street Journal report strongly suggests this first ever and much-hyped WHO trip to ‘get to the bottom’ of the virus’ origins likely didn’t even scratch the surface in terms of a real investigation. When access to the raw underlying data was made, the WHO investigators were rebuffed, essentially being left with only the Chinese scientists’ version of what the data shows. One WHO researcher emphasized in a statement to the WSJ that access to the hard data is standard, but was not followed in this case.

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Religious Books Seized And Burned In Communist China, ‘Believers’ Given Jail Terms

In communist China, practicing a certain faith, printing, or even reading religious books could result in prison terms and abuse. Spiritual believers in China – be it Christians, Buddhists, Uyghur Muslims, or Falun Gong practitioners – are faced not only with brutal suppression or forced-labor terms but also have their religious books burned or trashed at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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Here Are The 425 Billion Reasons Why WHO Refuses To Call The Covid-19 Outbreak A “Pandemic”

The World Bank launched a $425 million 2017 catastrophe bond issue supporting its Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF). There are two tranches of PEF bonds outstanding, expected to mature in July, and this means investors of the bonds will collect massive profits if the bonds aren’t triggered or will lose everything if the Covid-19 outbreak continues to escalate.

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“Optically Quite Dramatic” But Officials Confirm No US Casualties From Iranian Missile Strike

“Iran’s missile strikes last night were calibrated to satisfy honour while avoiding damage that would trigger automatically the next round. The missiles appear to have been fitted out with very light warhead payloads indeed – their purpose was to look good in the dark going up into the night sky. There is every reason to believe the apparent lack of US casualties was deliberate.”

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Hong Kong’s Fight for Freedom Against China’s Authoritarianism [VIDEO]

The protests that have consumed Hong Kong for more than three months started because of a proposed bill that would’ve made it easier for mainland China to extradite citizens from the semi-autonomous city, raising fears that Beijing’s central government would target political dissidents. Reason Magazine took time to produce a video that summarizes how the protests started, and why they continue to today.

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