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The Iron Grip: China’s Agricultural Crackdown and the Battle for Farmer Autonomy [VIDEO]

In a comprehensive food security policy, President Xi Jinping’s recruitment of agriculture police officers in China aims to reshape the nation’s farming practices while revamping a Mao-era food distribution system. However, the enforcement of strict crop regulations has ignited concerns over farmer autonomy, traditional practices, and the potential return of a Mao-era nightmare in rural China.

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US Gives Ukraine Most Advanced Air Defense System To Date [VIDEO]

The United States has given Ukraine the most advanced anti-air defense systems to date, after President Biden in a phone call with Ukraine’s Volodymy Zelensky vowed to expedite shipments of NASAMS. Already Ukraine has been receiving the HIMARS – a 1990’s era light multiple rocket launcher, but Kiev has repeatedly asked for more sophisticated anti-air missiles, including from Israel.

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