Brad Paisley Concert Rounds Out Rodeo Houston Weekend

Brad Paisley hit the stage in true country fashion. The intro had a great reference to the 80’s TV classic of Night Rider – then he briefly paid homage to the late and great Prince.

A Brad Paisley show is like no other. He left the stage and made his way to the fans several times ensuring that he made it all the way around the arena to everyone that rushed the gates to shake his hand. He took selfies, joked about what’s on their phones in between songs, and sent some Snapchats that people will talk about for years to come. Not even a note was missed when he sang while signing a little girl’s sign which asked him for an autograph. I’ve never seen an entertainer of that stature be so interactive with his fans.

During the show he also brought troops on stage to salute and share his gratitude for the job they do and the freedom they help maintain. He played a crowd of 70,000 and made it feel as warm and welcoming as a small town bar gig.

My hat goes off to Brad Paisley as he’s the embodiment of country music entertainment and sets the bar so high for the generations to come.

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