Blinn College Rocket League Esports Team to Face University of Kansas in National Tournament Quarterfinals

Rocket League

The Blinn College Rocket League esports team will play the University of Kansas on Tuesday in a national tournament quarterfinals matchup.

Blinn’s first-year esports program qualified four teams for the National Association of College Esports tournament. The Rocket League team has advanced to the highest level.

“We’ve been playing really well,” coach Aaron Kapiko said. “To win a national title as a first-year program would be a fantastic achievement.”

Members of Blinn’s Rocket League team are Zach Matthews (Conroe), Jack Barry (Houston), Jason Sansom (Friendswood), and Kyle Jones (Gilmer).

Blinn’s Valorant team lost a heartbreaker in the quarterfinals Saturday, falling 2-1 to the University of Missouri. It was the team’s only loss in a 5-1 season.

“We finished the season as one of the top eight teams in the country,” said Kapiko. “I’m very proud of where we finished in our first year.”

Blinn’s Smash Bros. Ultimate team lost 2-0 on Friday to the University of Missouri to end its season.

Blinn is one of only a few community colleges in the region to offer scholarships to esports players. For more information, visit