Bellville Medical Center Announces Plan to Open Remote ER Facility

Bellville Medical

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that Bellville Medical Center (BMC) must accept the challenge of quickly creating emergency medical care close to home in the south end of Austin County.  The Bellville Medical Center announces the opening of Tri-County ER, a new Emergency Room at 1036 N Circle Dr., Suite 102 in Sealy, just north of Hwy 90, scheduled for May 11, 2020. 

Tri-County ER will be a full Emergency Room, and an extension of BMC, with round-the-clock emergency care physicians and nurses prepared to treat emergencies complete with ancillary services such as lab and imaging on-site. BMC believes this level of service is important, especially now, to area residents and businesses. Tri-County ER, as a campus of BMC, will accept a wide variety of insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid and will be able to receive ambulance patients.

When informed of BMC’s plans to expand services to the south end of the County, County Judge Tim Lapham responded, “We are excited to have a new health resource in the Sealy area.  A local option for healthcare benefits all residents.  We look forward to seeing Bellville Medical Center continue to serve and grow with our communities.”  Austin County EMS Chief Walter Morrow weighed in, saying, “Austin County is happy to welcome Bellville Medical Center’s Tri-County Emergency Facility in Sealy.  The southern portion of the county has lacked this type of service in the past.  This increase in services will serve to accommodate the future growth of the county.”  Sealy Mayor Janice Whitehead was equally supportive, stated, “As a constantly changing community, it will be wonderful have a 24-hour emergency facility open once again in Sealy.  This is a welcome enhancement to our existing medical facilities.” BMC looks forward to partnering with health providers in Sealy and the surrounding area to provide a higher level of medical care.