In a remarkable display of skill and dedication, three teams from Bellville High School have recently qualified for the prestigious Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) State Competition, showcasing their talents in diverse categories that emphasize career investigation, teaching skills, and community service.

Andie Eckermann, a standout student at Bellville High, has qualified in the Career Investigation category. This particular segment of the competition allows students to explore and present findings on a career of their choice. Participants like Eckermann undertake extensive research, conduct interviews, and shadow professionals to gain a deeper understanding of their chosen field, culminating in a detailed presentation that demonstrates their knowledge and the career’s societal impact.

In the Teach or Train category, Brily Helms represents the school with her unique skills. This category is designed for students who aspire to educate others in a specific topic. Helms is required to develop a comprehensive lesson plan, create instructional materials, and effectively deliver a lesson to an audience. This not only tests her knowledge of the subject but also her ability to engage and teach others, a vital skill in educational and training careers.

The team of Ellena Cano, Briana Orduna, and Natalie Padron have made their mark in the Chapter Service Project Display category. This segment of the FCCLA competition focuses on community service and the impact of volunteer work. It requires students to identify a need within their community, develop a service project, and execute it effectively. Cano, Orduna, and Padron’s project involves detailed planning, implementation, and a presentation that showcases their project’s development, execution, and the resultant benefits to their community.

The FCCLA State Competition is a platform where students from across the state exhibit their skills in areas related to family and consumer sciences. It’s an event that not only tests their knowledge and practical abilities but also fosters leadership, teamwork, and community involvement.

The achievements of these Bellville High School students highlight their commitment to excellence in their respective fields. Their participation in the FCCLA State Competition is not just a testament to their individual capabilities, but also a reflection of the quality of education and guidance provided at Bellville High School. The school and the community eagerly await the results of the state competition, proud of their students’ accomplishments and confident in their future success.



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