In a display of sheer dominance, the Bellville football team cruised to a staggering 67-0 victory over Madisonville. The match, from start to finish, was an exhibition of Bellville’s athletic prowess and strategic gameplay.

The game kicked off with both teams at a stalemate, but Bellville quickly upped the ante. Approximately nine minutes into the first quarter, #5 DD Murray made his presence known with a breakthrough rushing touchdown, putting Bellville in the lead. This was only the beginning of Murray’s outstanding performance, as he continued to be a pivotal player throughout the game.

Bellville’s kicker, #90 Fernando Grajales, proved to be just as essential, consistently securing points after touchdowns with successful PATs. His precision played a key role in Bellville’s escalating lead.

Madisonville, on the other hand, struggled to find their footing. They were unable to capitalize on the possession turnovers and repeatedly found themselves pinned back in their own half. Bellville’s defense was impenetrable, exemplified by #99 DJ Sanders’ crucial fumble recovery and #0 Khaymon Jones’ interception, both leading to more scoring opportunities for Bellville.

As the game progressed, Bellville’s momentum only grew stronger. The team showcased a variety of talents, with players like #8 Sam Hranicky and #33 Seth Sturm scoring rushing touchdowns, further widening the gap. Bellville’s offensive strategy was diverse and effective, keeping the Madisonville defense on their toes and unable to predict the next move.

By the end of the third quarter, the scoreline read a daunting 60-0. The final quarter saw Bellville continuing their relentless assault, with #26 Davin Sodolak adding yet another rushing touchdown to the tally. Grajales’ unwavering PATs brought the final score to an overwhelming 67-0.



The detailed statistics of the game underscore the breadth and depth of Bellville’s dominance.

All-Purpose Yards: Bellville amassed a total of 534 all-purpose yards, with key contributions coming from several players. DD Murray led the charge with a total of 204 yards, including 167 rushing and 37 on kickoff returns. Sam Hranicky and Corrian Hood also made significant contributions, tallying 103 and 85 yards, respectively, solely from rushing.

Rushing Excellence: The team’s rushing game was particularly noteworthy. Bellville racked up 424 rushing yards, with an average of 7.6 yards per carry. Murray again shone brightly, rushing for 167 yards, including a 45-yard dash, and scoring five touchdowns.

Defensive Prowess: Defensively, Bellville was just as impressive. Khaymon Jones’ interception was a standout moment, showcasing the team’s ability to thwart Madisonville’s offensive efforts effectively.

Special Teams Impact: In the realm of special teams, Hunter Kunkel and Will Grebe made notable contributions in kickoff and punt returns, adding valuable yardage and maintaining the team’s momentum.

Scoring Breakdown: The scoring was widespread among the players, with Murray, Hranicky, Hood, Davin Sodolak, and Seth Sturm each finding the end zone. Fernando Grajales was perfect in PATs, contributing 9 points to the total score.

Kicking Game: The kicking game was flawless, with Grajales achieving a 100% success rate on PATs, underscoring the team’s proficiency in all aspects of the game.

This match was more than just a win for Bellville; it was a demonstration of their skill, teamwork, and strategy. Each player contributed to the overwhelming victory, leaving Madisonville in the dust. The final whistle marked not just the end of a game, but the affirmation of Bellville’s superiority on the field.



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