The Bellville, TX Brahma Varsity Soccer Team’s losing streak continued on Thursday as they fell to the Montgomery, TX Bears 0-2 in a tournament game. The bears, who are ranked 65th in the state and 18th in their division, scored one point in the first half and another in the second half to secure the victory.

The loss for Bellville drops them to a season record of 0-4 and an overall record of 1-5-1. The Brahmas are ranked 209th in the state and 54th in their division, and have a win percentage of .214. They have yet to win at home, with a record of 0-0, and have a record of 1-3-1 when playing away.

Despite the loss, the Brahmas will look to regroup and improve as the season continues. They will look to make a comeback in the next game and work towards a better record. The team will have to put in more hard work to improve their performance and change the tide of the season.

The Montgomery bears will look to continue their success and maintain their winning streak. They will have to keep the same level of intensity and focus that they had in Thursday’s game to continue their winning ways. With the victory, the bears will have the confidence and momentum to take on their next opponent.

Overall, it was a tough loss for the Bellville Brahmas, but they will have to move on quickly and focus on the upcoming games. With the right attitude and effort, the team can turn their season around and come out victorious.

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