On January 13th, the Bellville Brahma Girls Varsity Soccer team faced off against the Elgin (TX) Wildcats in a neutral tournament game as part of the Giddings Tournament in Elgin, Texas. Despite a strong effort, the Brahmas were unable to secure a win and ultimately lost the game 2-0.

The first goal of the game was scored by Elgin player Kailyn Cook (So) in the first half. The second and final goal was scored by Maria Yanez (Jr) in the second half. The Brahmas’ defense was unable to prevent these goals, and they were unable to score any of their own.

The loss marks the Brahmas’ third in a row, bringing their overall record to 0-3 with a win percentage of 0.00%. In district play, the Brahmas are currently 0-0, with a record of 0-1 at home and 0-2 in neutral games. They have yet to play any away games.

The Brahmas will look to bounce back from this loss and improve their overall record. With a strong team and a determined attitude, they will work to turn things around and secure a win in their next game. The team, coaches and fans are optimistic about their future performance and will continue to support each other throughout the season.

  1st 2nd Final
Bellville 0 0 0
Elgin 1 1 2
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