A young artist’s talent and dedication have taken center stage in Bellville, TX.  Kaitlyn Bohack secured first place in the Lions Club’s District competition of their global “Peace Poster” contest. This achievement not only showcases Kaitlyn’s remarkable artistic prowess but also highlights the global significance of the contest.

While many are familiar with Lions Club International, a global organization known for its history of community service and humanitarian work, and to which Bellville’s Chapter belongs, what may come as a surprise is the inspiring ‘Peace Poster’ Contest.

The “Peace Poster” contest, with this years theme “Peace Without Limits,” invites young artists worldwide to create art that embodies their interpretation of an annual peace-themed message. This year’s theme, as stated on the Lions Club website, emphasizes the importance of making peace a priority: “For peace to be anything more than a possibility, we need to make it a priority. This year, we’re asking our young students to create a poster that speaks to our world’s infinite potential for kindness once we commit to pursuing the idea of peace without limits.”

Kaitlyn’s Peace Poster not only secured victory at the local level but also captured hearts at the district level. Her artwork will now advance to the state level of competition, where it will compete with other outstanding pieces from talented young artists. Kaitlyn’s artwork is sure to resonate with the message of peace beyond our local community, reminding us of the power of art to inspire, unite, and spread messages of hope.

The Lions Club, on their website, explains the significance of the “Peace Poster” contest: “For over three decades, Lions clubs around the globe have been sponsoring a very special art contest in schools and youth groups. Creating peace posters gives children everywhere the chance to express their visions of peace and inspire the world through art and creativity.”

As Kaitlyn continues to capture imaginations with her art, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in her artistic journey. Her talent and dedication serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the boundless potential for peace in our world.


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