This year the Austin County Republican Party hosted “Dinner With Dinesh D’Souza” for their Annual Banquet.  The event was held on August 6, 2022 and was from 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM at the Austin County Fairgrounds in the Expo Center.  The cost was: $105 per person, $950 reserved table for 8, $1250 sponsor table for 8 or $150 at door (if available).

For those unfamiliar with the guest speaker, Dinesh D’Souza is a political commentator, author and filmmaker.  He has written over a dozen books, several of them New York Times best-sellers.  Born in Bombay, D’Souza moved to the United States as an exchange student and graduated from Dartmouth College. He was a policy adviser in the administration of President Ronald Reagan and has been affiliated with the American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institution.

At the banquet, D’Souza delivered a motivating speech about many issues facing Texas and the nation.  He began by sharing an uplifting message from when he first moved to America to attend college and eventually found himself working for Ronald Reagan in the White House.  He then moved on to a good history lesson on the “Stagflation” facing Americans today- of which the US has not seen since Jimmy Carter.

The event was a huge success for the Austin County Republican Party with the event selling out and attendees coming from other counties as well as Austin to take part. 


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