After waiting for months on production delays (305 days and 308 days respectively) the Austin County EMS took delivery of two very needed chassis to begin the process of creating two new ambulances for Austin County. A BIG thank you to the Apple Ford Dealership! If it wasn’t for them chasing down the Ford Corporation and pressing them for the county needs, the original estimate for the chassis to BEGIN production wasn’t until December or the first of the year 2023.
EMS Director Walter Morrow did state that the county wasn’t in any danger of the county being deprived of services from the delay. However, the county does have several ambulances that are well worn, coming to the end of their service life and in need of changing out. These ambulances will make sure that the Austin County EMS has a top notch fleet ready to serve the Austin County Area. The new chassis are now off to Frazer Ltd to be finished out to become the beautiful Austin County Ambulances we’ve come to know like the one featured in the picture.

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