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Advertising with us is easy!

Austin County News Online Advertising

We can helps you reach not only the citizens of Austin County and the surrounding counties but, potential visitors to our area as well.  Our website is an ideal place to advertise.

You can provide us with a graphic or we will create your graphic for you and place it on our website.  All graphics can also be interactive links.

Why Internet Advertising?

  • Static vs Interactive – Printed media is usually black and white with static images. If you want color print you must pay extra. With web advertising you get ads that are in color and interactive. Your color image becomes a link to your website. This link takes your customers to a predetermined area (website, sales, page, information page etc.) With web advertising your customers are able to download catalogs, price guides or other digital media.
  • One time vs. All Month – When advertising in print you must pay for each time that your ad runs in a paper or magazine. If customers miss that issue they have missed your advertisement. With Austin County News Online’s advertising you are not only front and center on the website but your ad runs for the entire month. Each time a customer comes to the site to read an article or view a video they are seeing your ad with links that take them directly to the area you want them to see.
  • Cost Effective – Advertising budgets are tight and everyone wants to get more bang for their buck. Austin County News Online’s advertising can be the most economical way to reach the widest audience in the least amount of time. Each time a customer clicks on one of your ads you are looking at a potential sale.

Austin County News Online has a simple approach to helping your business get sales. We use something called “Effective Frequency”.  Effective Frequency is the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertisement message before a response is made, usually a purchase.  By advertising with us we help you get on the web quickly and for minimal cost. We help you connect directly to your customers with Advertising Directly on our website.

You can download the Austin County News Online’s 2016 Media Package or click any of the links below for complete details and pricing on each type of advertising option.  Then, contact us by email at:

or give us a call:  (979) 253-1785 and we will be glad to assist you!

The press kit is in Adobe PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader to access it.  If you do not have adobe reader, you can click HERE to download it.

Advertising & Other Services We Provide:

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