Month: November 2018

New Report Warns Retailers Could See Weak Holiday Sales

Consumers might not be able to save the economy which is expected to enter a slowdown in early 2019. Consumer credit cards and debt have recently hit all-time highs, during a period of rising interest rates which could create a squeeze, thus reducing their ability to buy things this upcoming holiday season.

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Social Media Linked To Loneliness And Depression, New Study Finds

The most recent study linking poor mental health conditions to social media use has added even more evidence to back up the theory “Using less social media than you normally would lead to significant decreases in both depression and loneliness. These effects are particularly pronounced for folks who were more depressed when they came into the study. It is a little ironic that reducing your use of social media actually makes you feel less lonely,”

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Shoreline Shipwrecks: Exciting Discoveries!

Historic accounts report that dynamic weather and currents along the south Texas coast contributed towards the loss of vessels. Such events may also led to their rediscovery. Recent storms have exposed two shipwreck sites on the south Texas coast.

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