The first (of two) Sealy City Council Candidate Forums was held Wednesday March 29, 2017 at 11 am at Tony’s Restaurant.  The forum allowed the citizens of Sealy the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates and hear what their vision for Sealy’s future would be.  The forum was jointly hosted by the Sealy Chamber of Commerce and Austin County News  The forum began with introductions and a few brief announcements.  The video below is of the forum in its entirety with the questions answered by the candidates.  Each question is listed below with the corresponding time of the video to allow viewers the opportunity to go straight to any of the question and hear the candidate’s answers.

The candidates this year are:

For Sealy City Mayor:  Michael Kubricht and Janice Whitehead
For Councilmember, Place 1:  Dee Anne Lerma

Here are the questions that the candidates answered:

  • Question 1: What council members will be replaced?  Who is running for which one?  (13:18 of the video)

  • Question 2: The financial mess the city is in, how can we be confident that you would be able to fix this?  (14:25 of the video)

  • Question 3: The area is growing.  What is your vision on how we can be proactive in attracting positive, healthy growth?  (18:51 of the video)

  • Question 4: There has been much talk with no answers or action about local flooding.  What will you do to initiate a comprehensive drainage plan to prevent further property damage?  (24:57 of the video)

  • Question 5: What do you think of the employee grievances?  Do you think all those have really been solved?  (31:27 of the video)

  • Question 6: What do you plan on doing differently than the current mayor?  (32:07 of the video)

  • Question 7: Business to Sealy, your vision?  Police, Fire, EMS, etc.?  Your experience:  business and community?  (36:16 of the video)



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