The Austin County Office of Emergency Management has released an update for the freezing weather affecting the county.  Currently the biggest item being monitored is the wind chill and freezing road/bridge conditions making travel hazardous in the county.  

  • Winter Weather Advisory area has expanded to cover more of the area. Most of
    the forecast area in either a warning or advisory.
  • Much colder, windy conditions today with rain SE, freezing rain and sleet NW.
    Freezing line progresses steadily southeastward across the region today and
  • Band of light freezing rain and possibly sleet progresses farther SE tonight getting into coastal counties tonight and early Friday morning.
  • The low temperatures and winds behind front will drop wind chills back into the
    teens tonight and again Friday night.
  • This event not as extreme as the record-breaking February 2021 freeze.
  • Wind chill advisory is in effect for Austin County from 6pm Thursday till 9am Friday.
  • Austin County is also under a Hard Freeze Warning in effect from 6pm Thursday to 9am Friday.
  • The biggest icing concern is in the upper part of the county where over a tenth of an inch of accretion is likely.

Please watch the full report below for a complete weather briefing for our area:

Floating Vimeo Video