Walk Across Texas Reports – 4th Week

BISD school campuses and their families are doing a great job clocking miles across Texas.  At the end of the 4th week, several classes are pressing closer to the finish line in their quest to complete Walk Across Texas. 

Bellville ISD students and their families have walked 49,060 miles at the close of their 4th week.  What an outstanding report! 


  • O’Bryant Primary has 22,275 miles
  • West End Elementary has 14,329 miles and
  • O’Bryant Intermediate is cruising right along with12,456 miles.

Kindergarten results are:

  • Mrs. Crelia – 916 miles
  • Mrs. Davis – 763 miles; and
  • Mrs. Hardin – 598 miles. 

First grade results are:

  • Mrs. Newman – 1,151 miles;
  • Mrs. Graham – 999 miles; and
  • Mrs. Falke – 756 miles.

Second grade results are: 

  • Mrs. Peschel – 2,460 miles;
  • Mrs. Ables –1,200 miles; and
  • Mrs. Keen – 532 miles.

Third grade results are:

  • Mrs. Springer – 1,699 miles;
  • Mrs. Lewis – 1,502 miles; and
  • Mrs. Charpiot  – 1,287 miles. 

Fourth grade results are:

  • Mrs. Lange – 1,458 miles;
  • Mrs. Dietzi – 1,147 miles; and
  • Mrs. Yantis – 922 miles. 

Fifth grade results are:

  • Mrs. Lewis – 1,777 miles;
  • Mrs. Krueger – 1,499 miles; and
  • Mrs. Schroeder – 1,231 miles.  

On the school front in West End, the results are:

  • Mrs. Peck (2nd grade)– 1,662;
  • Mrs. Blezinger (5th grade) – 1,636 miles and
  • Mrs. Armand (2nd grade) – 1,529 miles and
  • Mrs. Houston(3rd grade) – 1,382 miles. 

Keep up the hard work everyone!

Walk Across Texas is an 8 week walking program promoted by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas A&M School for Rural Public Health.  Locally, the fun and fitness program is being sponsored by the Family and Consumer Sciences Advisory Board of the Austin County Extension Service.  Educational programs of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service are open to all people without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, age or national origin. Teams are encouraged to have fun and enjoy the healthy benefits of walking. Walk Across Texas is designed primarily to help enhance a healthy lifestyle ‑ the competition is primarily for fun!  Look for the next team report coming soon!  Remember to be active over spring break.  Those miles count big!