Tracking the Coronavirus: Cases, Recoveries and Deaths

Tracking the Coronavirus: Cases, Recoveries and Deaths

Although the number of new coronavirus cases in the U.S. continues to rise, it is important to remember that over 83,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization says those that experience mild illness typically recover from the illness in about two weeks, while those who experience a more severe illness could take up to six weeks to recover. 

Over 7,700 cases have been confirmed in the U.S., covering all 50 states. As the coronavirus continues to spread, there are several online maps and resources available for tracking the pandemic. Here are a few:

Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard

Johns Hopkins University has developed an interactive web-based dashboard to visualize and track confirmed coronavirus cases in real-time.

The World Health Organization COVID-19 dashboard

The World Health Organization has made a similar map available that breaks down the number of confirmed cases, deaths, and countries, areas or territories with cases. 

The New York Times COVID-19 dashboard

The New York Times offers easy-to-read charts and graphs, as well as text stats breaking down the situation around the world.