The R.O.M. Church Invites Community For Their “H.O.P.E.” Series [VIDEO]

The R.O.M. Church, the new church in downtown Sealy, TX, is inviting all those in the community to come hear their new “H.O.P.E” Series at their Sunday services. Though hope is normally spelled H.O.P.E, Pastor Jackson has added an extra “E” at the end for the all important “Empowerment” aspect of the series message.  H.O.P.E. stands for:  

Helping Other People Experience Empowerment 

As Pastor Jackson states at the beginning of the video:

“I know many people are dealing with hopeless situations whether it’s domestic, whether it’s occupational, or whether it’s marital; God just inspired us to bring a message of encouragement and empowerment through the bridge of hope…We’ve added an “E”…helping other people experience empowerment.”

Their church services are at 10:10 on Sundays because, as Pastor Jackson states:  

“That was given so that all those people who call and are running five minutes late grace for an extra five minutes so they can be on time for our services.”

The video below is part 3 of their five part H.O.P.E.E. series:


R.O.M. is an acronym for Resurrection Outreach Ministries.  The R.O.M. church recently held their ribbon cutting at their new downtown church officially welcoming them to the Sealy Community.  Pastor Jackson’s vision for the church is to bring it out into the community through service and activities that will help the community grow in all aspects of their lives.  You can follow them on their Facebook Page or find more information on their website at: