Texas Home School Coalition Launches Emergency COVID-19 Daily Home Education Lesson Plans


If you’re a parent who’s suddenly become your child’s full-time school teacher because of the coronavirus, this new website has you covered.

The Texas Home School Coalition, one of the nation’s leading authorities on home education with more than three decades of experience in the space, has just completed the first phase of a multi-phase emergency COVID-19 response plan to afford Americans free digital home education resources. As tens of millions of families find themselves under quarantine or confined to the home, the organization is debuting a daily home education lesson plan for K through 5 today. This resource is available through April 30th, 2020. “Millions of families have suddenly and unexpectedly been stranded at home,
potentially through September, without any game plan to educate their kids. This is
unprecedented, and requires an unprecedented response. We mobilized our entire
team and have worked around-the-clock to produce excellent daily lesson plans
beginning with grades K through 5.

Using our website, every parent has immediate access to this free resource, as well as support from our team of education professionals,” said Sam Sorbo, Spokesperson for Texas Home School Coalition. “We are rolling out new resources every week, for children of all ages, so that parents have the vibrant, comprehensive, necessary resources to teach at home. COVID-19 may shut down our schools, but the learning shouldn’t have to stop, as we empower parents to take the reins and continue their childrens’ education at home in the coming months.”

Parents can sign-up at https://coronavirushomeschooling.com/