The pandemic is making us ugly – at least, according to our own partners.

That was the finding of a new survey published by cosmetic dermatology company Advanced Dematology. They surveyed 1,463 people in relationships of one year or more. 

Those who responded were 51% male and 49% female with an average age of 38 years old. 

Among those surveyed, 2 in 3 people say “their partner looks worse than they did before the pandemic started”. 

79% of those surveyed say their partner needs to lose some weight (22 pounds on average) and 55% have been embarrassed by their partner’s appearance in social situations, the survey says. 

52% of respondents say their partner is dressing more casually and 45% say their partner spends less time on grooming.

The study continued:

We asked what people would change about their partner’s appearance if they could. First and foremost, 79 percent of those we surveyed said their partner could stand to lose some weight. Quite a bit actually: twenty-two pounds on average. Presentation is important too: 69 percent said they wished their partner groomed themself differently.

Where do we go from here, besides the gym and the dermatologist? Good communication solves many problems in relationships, so you might start there if you have concerns. Three in four people say they’ve mentioned these changes to their partners, in one or another. More than half (52 percent) have addressed it directly, while the rest (48 percent) have stuck to making subtle comments.

The dermatology company says that the “boom” they are seeing in the industry is now “starting to make sense” as a result.

“Partners report the most noticeable changes have been: fatter bellies, fatter faces, and fatter lower bodies,” the report says. 

It cites people falling out of their routines are the main reason why some people have “let themselves go”. Physical upkeep and appearance have both suffered as a result, the survey says.

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