St. John Lutheran Church M.A.D. Club Visits The Austin County Sheriff’s Office

On September 27, 2017, the Austin County Sheriff’s Office was honored with a visit by the children of St. John Lutheran Church M.A.D. (Music, Arts, Drama) Club of Bellville.  During their visit, they provided each of our deputies with a “Police Survival Kit.” On each kit was a hand-drawn picture or kind words written, and included various items signifying the worth of our deputies and how they are seen in the eyes of the children of Austin County.

Sheriff Jack Brandes greatly appreciates the support and concern the children have for all law enforcement officers and very much appreciates the personal visit.  Thank You St. John M.A.D.!

Deputies receiving the kits are pictured left to right Captain Al Cordeiro, Sergeant Jason Statham, Corporal Damon Hagen and Sergeant Lance Johnson.