SouthWaste Disposal, LLC “Officially” Withdraws Application For Composting Facility From The TCEQ

On March 28th, we reported that Southwaste Disposal LLC had not “officially” withdrawn their application for a Type V Resource Recovery and Composting Facility permit.  With the permit not officially withdrawn the TCEQ informed us that the process continues unimpeded unless completed or withdrawn.  

The area meeting with them was set for Monday, April 17, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the American Legion Hall.  However, this meeting is no longer taking place because Southwaste Disposal “officially” withdrew their permit request with the TCEQ on March 29th.  This finally puts to bed a controversy that the local community had with the possibility of this type of facility in the Austin County Area.

Below is the official letter from the TCEQ confirming that the permitting process has stopped due to the permit request being “officially” withdrawn.

TCEQ Notice of Withdrawal of Permit Request by Austin County News Online on Scribd