The Sealy Police Department released the following message concerning burglaries in the Sealy Area:

In the past few days we have had two reported incidents involving subjects scamming homeowners. An elderly subject on Kathy Avenue had her home burglarized after two Hispanic looking male subjects wearing reflective vests, approached her and posed as contractors for the City of Sealy. They convinced her that they needed access to her backyard for an inspection. Once they entered the rear of the property, one suspect remained outside distracting the homeowner as the other suspect entered the home and burglarized it. They fled with the stolen property in a white pickup, unknown make or model.
Another homeowner on N. Fifth Street was approached by a Hispanic looking male and Hispanic looking female also stating that they were contractors with the city. Their attempt to gain entry to the property was unsuccessful.

The City of Sealy very rarely uses contractors for services. Sealy Public Utility employees wear department issued uniforms identifying them as city employees. They all have been instructed to provide identification to anyone wishing to confirm their identity and employment with Sealy during the performance of their duties.
All city vehicles are clearly marked with the city emblem/logo and will have exempt Texas license plates.

Also note; City Ordinance requires all persons going door-to-door in an attempt to solicit sales, must have a “Peddlers Permit” issued by city hall and must be able to present it upon request.

If you have any information regarding these incidents or witness any suspicious persons/vehicles in your area, contact the police department immediately at 
979-885-2913, 979-885-3330 or dial 911.

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