The Sealy Mayor, Carolyn Bilski, issued a state of disaster order for the City of Sealy yesterday and posted the notice to the city’s Facebook Page (see below).  This declaration was called because Sealy, TX “could be facing prolonged exposure to severe winter weather – freezing temperatures and freezing rain” and that “extraordinary measures must be taken to protect the public due to possible widespread and severe property damage, injury, and possible loss of life…”


Posted by City of Sealy on Friday, February 12, 2021


The declaration states:

1. That a local state of disaster is hereby declared for the City of
Sealy, Texas as authorized by section 418.107 of the Texas
Government Code.
2. The state of disaster shall continue for a period not more than
seven days from the date of the declaration unless renewed by
the City Council of the City of Sealy, Texas
3. Pursuant to 418.107 of the Government Code this declaration
shall be filed promptly with the City Secretary.
4. Pursuant to 418.107 this declaration activates the City of Sealy,
Texas emergency management plan.

As of right now we are unaware of any of the other municipalities in Austin County taking similar measures.