Ryan Ford wants to congratulate Leonel Garza for attaining his achievements in the Ford 2020 Master Program. 

Garza completed over 550 hours of Ford training to achieve this status and is one of only 251 technicians in the Houston region who hold this status.

He also received his Drive-train Master Achievement and is one of only 263 technicians in the Houston region holding this status.

And, finally, he received his Engine Master Retention and is one of only 391 technicians in the Houston Region who holds this status.

“This is the highest level a Ford technician can earn,” said Ryan Kirkpatrick of Ryan Ford.  “It is like getting an MBA at a great college.  Only about 15% of all the technicians in the Houston Region attain this level.”

“As vehicle technology progresses, it requires increased levels of knowledge and skill for technicians to effectively complete advanced diagnostic and repair operations.  The accomplishments that we celebrate today demonstrates Ryan Ford’s support of our joint commitment to highly trained personnel,” said Frederiek Toney, president of Customer Service Division.  “Most importantly, this commitment fulfills our customers’ expectations that their vehicles are repaired by highly-skilled, factory-trained technicians.”

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