Republican Candidates for Texas HD 13 Meet At Sealy Candidate Forum [VIDEO]

The Republican Candidates for Texas House District 13 met last night at 7pm at Tony’s Family Restaurant in Sealy, TX.  The candidates vying for the position are (in order of seating at last night’s forum):

  1. Ben Leman of Grimes County
  2. Daniel McCarthy of Washington County
  3. Marc Young of Austin County
  4. David Stall of Fayette County
  5. Jill Wolfskill of Austin County

The candidates were each allotted time to give their introductions before fielding questions from the audience in attendance.  The questions from the audience audience ranged from property tax, to the teacher retirement fund to the proposed freight shuttle system (video HERE).  Each candidate took turns giving their views on each topic.  The event was hosted by the Austin County Republican Party.  This was the first of the two forums that are planned to be held.  The second will be Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 6:30 pm, in Bellville at the historic Turnverein at the Austin County Fairgrounds.  The video below is of the entire candidate forum.