Rain and Cold Couldn’t Stop the 30th Annual Fantasy of Lights Parade [VIDEO]

Despite Saturday’s rainy and cold weather, the Sealy Community Foundation and the City of Sealy pushed on and made the 30th Annual Fantasy of Lights Parade a success.  The amount of people willing to brave the elements to watch the parade was truly inspiring.  Bundled up and utilizing umbrellas, canopy tents, and fold out chairs, the citizenry of Sealy showed just how important and how much they love this annual tradition.

The Fantasy of Lights Parade is always held in the first weekend in December. This year, 2016, the event was held on Saturday, Dec. 3.  The theme for this year was “Christmas Movies”.  The master(s) of ceremonies for the event were Melanie Willingham, president of the Sealy Community Foundation, and Angela Schmidt.

“The main reason we wanted to do this today…this is our 30th year and, from what we’ve been told from the people that have lived here forever, is that it [the parade] has never ever been canceled.  So, we just wanted to keep it going so they didn’t say that we didn’t make it on our 30th year.” stated Willingham to the crowd as they waited for a lag in the parade to catch up.

The Sealy Community Foundation (SCF) was established in 2009 to serve as a voice for all non-profit organizations in Austin County.  They work with local leaders and community organizations who have firsthand knowledge of the needs of Austin County and strive to raise funds and support these community groups.

We were also at the parade, braving the rain (and our electrical equipment), in order to bring you the 2016 Fantasy of Lights Parade video below.  We hope you enjoy it and thank you to the many volunteers who work so hard to make this Sealy tradition a reality.



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