Lifecheck Pharmacy In Sealy To Close; Bought By CVS

On Friday morning customers of Lifechek pharmacy will be using CVS Pharmacy.  Lifechek, located at 307 Main St., Sealy, TX will no longer be open and their customers will find the Lifechek staff at CVS Pharmacy located at 802 Meyer St. in Sealy TX.  Pharmacist Mark Nastoupil and the other seven employees will be working as members of the CVS staff. “With the larger staff we will be able to help our customers even more,” said Nastoupil.

Customers of Lifechek will be able to pick-up their prescriptions as usual and see the same friendly faces just at a different location.  “We were told that as of Thursday night Lifechek will no longer be open and that we will all be working at CVS,” stated Nastoupil.

Nastoupil is familiar with the building he will be moving to, he worked there as a Pharmacist for Eckerd’s Drug after he sold his family’s business to them.  Nastoupil explained, “I worked at the Eckerd’s Drug that later became CVS after I sold Ray’s Pharmacy 20 years ago.”

There has been a Nastoupil Pharmacist in Sealy since 1913 when Carl Nastoupil opened Carl’s Pharmacy in the current Sealy Superette building.  Later it became Ray’s Pharmacy when Ray Nastoupil took over his father’s business.  When Mark took over he never changed the name.

“I hope this move lives up to the expectations of our customers,” stated Nastoupil.  The numbers will still be the same if you have questions or need to contact the pharmacy continue to call the 979-627-7271 number for Lifechek.  Also you can call the 979-885-3538 CVS phone number.