Leman Wins Texas District 13 House Race

On a long, hard fought race to replace the vacated position of former representative Leighton Schubert, Jill Wolfskill and Ben Leman should both be commended. They had to endure issues and irregularities in this election that most candidates would not have to.  But, last night, the race was finally decided with Ben Leman pulling ahead of Wolfskill by a sizable enough margin to claim victory.  Below are the results from the Texas Secretary of State’s Website.

State Representative District 13          
  Ben Leman REP 4,387 58.46% 8,062 57.33%
  Jill Wolfskill REP 3,117 41.53% 6,000 42.66%
        ———–   ———–  
    Race Total   7,504   14,062  
    Precincts Reported   80 of 80 Precincts   100.00%