No coach wants to write an article that starts with a 0-2 season where in both matches we won the opening set and couldn’t hold on. That is the mindset that kept us from winning.  They only play; the only ball that is important is the ball and play that is currently being played.  Past and future touches are out of our reach.  The girls and I welcome the challenge of playing tough, talented teams.  We are young and need to experience game challenges head on.  We need to communicate more and be positive with ourselves and the team.  Right now we have to learn and practice trust.  One player does not win or lose a game.  As the head coach, that’s on me to enable each girl to succeed and therefore move the team forward.  I learned more about this team in the first two matches, than almost two months of practices.  We have identified what skills we need to develop and what skills need to be refined.  I have no doubt that these young talented players will develop because they have an unmatched work ethic and Faith.

Junior Varsity

 1st set Faith Academy JV 19- St. Paul 25

2nd set Faith Academy JV 15- St. Paul 25

They JV improved their play and settled their nerves in their second match of the season.  This game is about these young players maximizing their touches and game experiences so they can be ready when we call on them at the next level.



1st set Faith Academy Varsity 26- St. Paul 24

2nd set Faith Academy Varsity 16- St. Paul 25

3rd set Faith Academy Varsity 17- St. Paul 25

4th set Faith Academy Varsity 13- St. Paul 25

We played well in stretches but let them go on some mini-runs that made us use a lot of energy in a very hot gym.  Tyler Johnston  and Maddie Odom made some good digs. Ary Castillo contributed some killer serves letting us have some runs on our own. Chesney Johnston got her timing down blocking and contributed at least 5 good single stuff blocks.  Ella Polston had a great kill at the end of the match that showed that we need to get her the ball more on that right side.  Our freshmen: Reagan Shepherd, Alyza Marcotte and Addie Riley are improving with every touch and practice.

Our passing was ok but we are not terminating enough kills. We must end plays so that the other team doesn’t just wait for us to make mistakes.  Our blocking and tip coverage is going to be a major focus in practice this week. 

Our goals and focus remains the same.  Improve every touch, every ball and every play.  We strive to be a complete team, thinking and learning the game of volleyball.

Coach Deborah Boudoin