Hypocrites! President Biden, Governor Newsom, Mayor DeBlasio, Governor Tate Reeves. In this video, I show how they cheat on their own Covid rules.

  • Just hours after signing an Executive Order requiring masks on federal property, President Joe Biden broke his new rule.
  • California governor Gavin Newsom went to a “friend’s” birthday party at a restaurant serving $800 plates. His friend turns out to be a big time lobbyist.
  • My mayor, Bill DeBlasio, danced in Times Square. Normal people had to stay home.
  • Republican governor Tate Reeves, of Mississippi, hosted three Christmas parties that broke his state’s guidance. When confronted, he said his party hosting “allows us to really send a message to the people of Mississippi that you can return to a life that is somewhat normal.”

But it seems that life can return to normal only if you’re a politician. Those four cases are just a sample of politicians’ hypocrisy. The video above includes more.