Is Your iPhone Tracking You? [VIDEO]

Recently Nikki-Dee Ray, a news personality with CBS affiliate WTVR-TV in Richmond Virginia, posted a video explaining an unnerving discovery she made with her iPhone.  Her video was posted May 2, 2015 and has, as of this writing, 3,960,640 Views.  Her video goes on to explain how she discovered her iPhone tracks her every move.  Not only where she’s been but, keeping track of exactly how long she stayed in any one spot throughout her day, every day.  She then goes on to explain how to locate this information so you can examine it for yourself and then explains how to delete the information and turn that function off on your iPhone so that it cannot track you any longer.  This is a good lesson of being aware of the technology you use.  Though it can be very helpful in our daily lives, it can also be used for mischievous ends as well.  You can watch the video below.