Holiday Crafting with the Kids

Holidays are a great time to try out new things especially if you have kiddos. Going to a company’s website is a great place to get ideas. If you are stuck for something new and exciting for that holiday party look no further than the website of your favorite goodies! has food and game ideas for the holidays. not only has holiday ideas but ideas for special occasions.

Snack Works is the goodie site for Nabisco. They have their ideas divided by holiday, occasion and snack item.

Even the TV gets into the act. If you check out Nick Jr. you will find that they have recipes and printable items for the holidays.

If you aren’t interested in the food aspect of a holiday but more into the family friendly decor check out these sites!

Disney Family is just what it sounds like. There are all sorts of ideas featuring your favorite Disney characters.

Activity Village from the UK has a lot of ideas for all ages.

As a teacher I often us DLTK’s site. It is run by a mom with help from her kids and hubby.

These are just a few I found but they are by no means all that is out there! Go out, surf around and see what you can find you might just be surprised!

Shelley Brian is a teacher, wife, pet mom and blogger. You can read more at her blog Love Where You Live.