Great Sites For Fourth of July Goodies For Your Family Picnic

Looking for some great Fourth of July goodies for your family picnic?  The internet has more good food websites than one could use in a lifetime. Here are a few of my favorites!

(Disclaimer:  I like sites that have recipes submitted by real people instead of chefs. A chef doesn’t mind standing for an hour hand whipping cream – I, on the other hand, like to use whipped topping out of a tub! When looking on the sites I look for ingredients I understand but I will often choose one recipe over another based on user ratings. I like to know that real people made the dish because sometimes what sounds too good to be true is! Now get out there and cook something!)

Twelve Tomatoes

Twelve Tomatoes is a cooking and recipe community.  Recipes are shared,tried, and reviewed. They have a website and Facebook page, and shop where you can buy cooking related t-shirts that are just too cute.

12 Tomatoes site:

12 tomatoes facebook:

All Recipes

All Recipes is a cooking and recipe site where users submit recipes from their own recipe boxes. Users can try and rate the recipes as well as suggest edits to existing recipes. They have a magazine, cooking school ask the community and other goodies.

All Recipes site: is another recipe site that allows members to submit their own recipes. They will show trending searches for recipes or ingredients to help you find what you want. There is a recipe of the day and a chef of the day.

Food dot com site:

Real Simple

Real Simple is a site that has more things than just recipes but I find that I tend  to stay in the recipe area mostly. If you are interested in other areas such as home, style, life, holidays and so on you can browse till your heart is content. 

Real simple site:


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