Friends of and the Sealy American Legion Post 442 Give Another Round of Donations

Friends of the Sealy American Legion Post 442 Give Another Round of Donations

The Sealy American Legion Post 442 and The Friends of the Sealy American Legion Post 442 recently gave another generous round of contributions to local non-profits in our community. This round of donations went to:

$500 to the Sealy KJT, whose mission is to promote family relationships through fraternal activities of its societies and religious programs of the Catholic Church. (KJT stands for “Katolická Jednotá Texaská” which means “Catholic Union of Texas” in the Czech language)

$500 to the Lions Sealy Dance Club, a non-profit dance club with dances held on the first Saturday of each month.

$3000 to the Sealy Christian Food Pantry, which is a community outreach located in Sealy, TX with the goal of providing food to families in need in our local area.

$500 to the Austin County Bullseye Club, which concentrates on educating youth about firearms and firearm safety (you can read more about them on their website HERE).

The Sealy American Legion and The Friends of the Sealy American Legion work together to raise money by hosting BINGO every Monday and Tuesday at the Sealy American Legion Hall, numerous fundraisers as well as selling dinners and lunches throughout the year.


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They are always looking for community programs to volunteer their time and effort at Monday Night Bingo and, in the process, giving them the chance to earn themselves some money (They provide between a $100 and $125 donation to the organization per night to support them doing so).  

A recent post by the organization on social media read: 

“To our wonderful community:  We again have weekly openings for non-profit/community based groups to do quick fundraisers every Monday night providing snack foods for the American Legion Bingo.  This is pretty straight-forward – simple items such as hotdogs, frito pies, spaghetti, or other such examples. Sandwiches work too!  We’re looking for help each Monday, from about 5:30 to 8:30.  We even help to make sure your event is a success!  1-2 people can work the table, and you’re literally working with some of the friendliest people in our area.  It doesn’t need to be every week. If you want to try it once, or once a month, we’re happy to build a schedule!  Please reach out to David Littmann or Larry Kuciemba on Facebook if you’re interested. Our first opening is November 15th!”