Finally! Highway 36 To Open Today

If you’ve been driving through Sealy, then you’re well aware that Highway 36 @ Hwy 90 has been closed for what seems like forever.  This is especially prominent around lunch hour or when getting off work, starting around 4 and lasting till 7pm.  But, that traffic is about to go away!  The contractor doing the construction work on Hwy 36 informed the Fire Chief of Sealy, Eric Zapalac, that he will be opening Hwy 36 today to the public for travel.

According to Zapalac, Hwy 36 @ Hwy 90 is reopening today.  West front Street at Hwy 90, however, will be closed during the day but, reopened nightly for the next two weeks while they finish that bridge over the railroad tracks.  If you’re hoping to travel on Hwy 90, you’re out of luck.  It is going to remain closed for construction until an unspecified date in October 2017.