Dramatic Footage Shows Dallas Shooter Engage In Firefight With Policeman [VIDEO]

As more and more video emerges following Thursday night’s deadly Dallas shoot out, we get a new understanding of just how intense last night was.

The video embedded below is 1:16 in length and shows an SUV with flashers on in the foreground.  The suspect in the background is distracted with someone who starts out off camera and eventually comes into the scene.  The suspect appears to hide behind a pillar while looking off to the right hand side of the shot:

A few moments pass and coming in off the right hand side of the shot we see a person in black clothing appear before a shootout begins:

A close range shootout takes place, with sparks from shots hitting metal spraying in the background.  It is unclear though if this shootout involved a police officer or an armed citizen providing some line of defense:

* * *


Here is another video taken by cellphone by a person at the area of shooting:

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