Creepy Video Shows Mass SHRIEKING In China Over Starvation, Lockdown [VIDEO]

Creepy Video Shows Mass SHRIEKING In China Over Starvation, Lockdown [VIDEO]

A horrific video from China has surfaced showing people en masse shrieking out of their windows in frustration at the continued COVID lockdowns forced upon them by their government:

Lack of supplies and starvation are beginning to take hold in China as the continued COVID hysteria is pushed to its limit.  Another video on twitter shows drones controlled by the People’s Republic of China telling the public:

“Please comply with COVID restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open the window or sing.”

Timcast IRL gave their breakdown of the situation:

Another video, showing the desperation of the situation, shows a man on the phone yelling at what can only be surmised as someone “in charge”:

“Do you know that?  You explain to me if the supermarket is closed, what do I buy?!?  What do I eat?!?  What do I drink?!?  You are driving people to death!…My parents are locked up by you for two months!  How did they live these two months?!?   My grandmother lives alone.  Nobody takes care of her!  You locked us up!  What does she drink?!?  What does she eat?!?  You are driving someone to death!  F*** YOU!!…”

As this story continues to unfold it appears that government’s and the controlling class are not done milking the last bit of totalitarianism out of the COVID scare.