Christmas Gifts? Sock It To ME!

Handmade items are a great way to use things we already have and to involve the family in the process of making and gifting.

In my house we have an abundance of socks. They range in color from the most violent shade of orange to dull black. There are stripes and stars and polka dots and even one with kittens! Sadly as these beloved socks get older they lose their wearablity but they still have a lot of life left if they are given a second chance.

Enter sock animals!

These crafts are simple enough for kids to help with. Look through the drawers and see what you have. Brainstorm some ideas and if you find that you have an idea but not the instructions jot on over to Pinterest. Be warned! You will need to be ready to camp out in front of your computer because the darling ideas just keep coming. Most crafts follow the kawaii style of animals. In Japanese kawaii means cute or lovable or adorable and these sock creations are just that!

Baby sock animals

baby sock critters

It seems that every mom I know has felt the pain of losing a kiddos sock. You leave the house with two and return with one. Don’t throw those single socks away! Make cute animals with them! I found a neat tutorial featuring baby socks. These animals turn out so darn cute that you won’t mind that your little one lost a sock!

If you are the kind who likes a visual as you craft check out this video on making darling bunnies!

How about sock owls? You can find the tutorial here.

sock owls

The only limits to the sock crafts are your imagination!


Shelley Brian is a teacher, wife, pet mom and blogger. You can read more at her blog Love Where You Live.