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Facebook Played Major Role Coordinating ‘Capitol Riot’ As Sandberg Deflects Blame

We are now learning that Facebook also had a giant role in coordinating the so-called ‘Capitol Riots’ which President Trump was just impeached over on Wednesday for allegedly inciting the incident. According to the Washington Post, a “growing body of evidence shows that Facebook played a much larger role” than COO Sharyl Sandberg claimed in a Monday interview livestreamed by Reuters, in what the Post described as ‘deflecting blame.’

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Walmart To Expand Autonomous Box Truck Deliveries In Louisiana [VIDEO]

Walmart is set to expand its autonomous vehicle program with Gatik, a Palo Alto-based technology company, to make deliveries between New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana, in 2021, according to a Walmart corporate update.  Walmart’s autonomous vehicle program began last year when it started picking up customers’ orders on a two-mile route between a warehouse and store in Bentonville, Arkansas. The autonomous vehicles have safely recorded more than 70,000 operational miles in autonomous mode with a safety driver. 

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Amazon’s In-Home Security Drone Is Company’s “Most Chilling Surveillance Product” Yet [VIDEO]

Ring announced the Always Home Cam during the Amazon event on Thursday, a “compact, lightweight, autonomously flying indoor camera” that can fly around the home, searching for disturbances.  Though the technology sounds wonderful (who wouldn’t want a personal security drone monitoring their home) it will undoubtedly raise some red flags about privacy.  Big Brother Watch, a non-profit British advocacy group, described the drone as the “most chilling home surveillance product” yet.

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US Closer To Developing Small Nuclear Reactors That Sustain Life On The Moon & Mars [VIDEO]

The US Department of Energy issued a statement on Friday calling for private sector help in its years-long project to develop technology that would sustain future civilizations on the moon as well as Mars. NASA and the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) have been working on a portable nuclear reactor to power deep-space exploration, such as human missions to Mars in the next decade and beyond.

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