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How to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem [VIDEO]

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent speech on immigration really missed the point. Other Politics After 2020 Disappointments, Democrats Look To Prioritize Year-Round OrganizingJun 9, 2021 Texas Power Generation Companies Will Have To Better Prepare For Extreme Weather Under Bills Gov. Greg Abbott Signed Into LawJun 8, 2021 Biden Administration Threatens To Sue After Texas Officials Say They’ll Yank Licenses […]

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Why The Candidates Aren’t Talking About Cutting Federal Spending Anymore

If Donald Trump has any interest in cutting federal social programs, he certainly hasn’t made it a significant part of his campaign.  In fact, it’s likely safe to say that a large part of Trump’s appeal to many of his supporters is the fact Trump has not said anything about substantial cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or low-income welfare programs. […]

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Federal Bureaucrats: Agents of Constitutional Chaos

When we think about unconstitutional federal overreach, we tend to focus on Congress, the president and the Supreme Court. But unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats staffing countless agencies like the DEA, FDA and the FCC arguably create just as much constitutional chaos as elected officials and judges. Share This ArticleFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail

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When You Have Property Rights, You Don’t Need Religious Freedom

This week, the Little Sisters of the Poor were granted a reprieve by the US Supreme Court from the Federal Government’s Obamacare health care mandates. To summarize the case in two sentences: the Little Sisters didn’t like Obamacare’s mandates that employers pay for “abortion-related medical coverage.” This meant the Little Sisters had to either pay for abortion services through their […]

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Do Your Job, Congress!

With the recent snafu by the TSA in Airports across the U.S. the following article seemed appropriate to reprint:    On November 19, 2001, Congress passed The Aviation and Transportation Act, (ATSA), as a reaction to the September 11 attacks.  Reactionary legislation is never a good solution to any problem.  However, even with reactionary legislation, proper checks are in place to detect […]

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