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Category: Politics

The Constitutionality of A Presidential State of Emergency

When people ask questions like “Can the president do…?” “Can the House, Senate, or Supreme Court do…?” the first sources that must be consulted are the Constitution and the people who drafted it.  If the Constitution provides no authority for the activity, then the power does not Constitutionally reside in the hands the federal government. So more to the root of the question being asked, “Does the Constitution enumerate a power to the President to declare a state of emergency?”

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TrumpCare Would Be Unconstitutional Too

The whole Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. It always has been. The constitutional problem with ObamaCare isn’t something specific to ObamaCare. The problem with it is that the federal government has no constitutional authority to run the country’s healthcare system. This fact doesn’t change no matter what plan is put forward or who is in the Oval Office.

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The War Against Globalism

Belgium has joined the list of countries that are rebelling against their elected leadership. The unrest witnessed in a number of places is focused on some specific demands but it represents much broader anger. What has been occurring in Belgium, France, with Brexit in Britain, in the recent election in Italy, and also in the warnings coming from Eastern Europe about immigration and European Union community economic policies are driven by the same concerns that operated in America. Government itself is becoming the enemy.

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CBD Has Gone Mainstream Despite Federal Prohibition

Everywhere you turn, you find CBD products sold right out in the open just like any other commercial product. There’s just one difference. It’s all illegal. At least according to the federal government. The feds categorize CBD products (other than Epidiolex) as a Schedule 1 drug. This means, to the Feds, CBD has the same legal status as heroin. And yet you can buy it pretty much everywhere. Why? Because state actions have effectively nullified cannabis prohibition in the U.S.

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