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Rand Paul Files Declaration of War: Will Congress Actually Follow the Constitution?

Sen. Rand Paul introduced S.J. Res. 46 (SJ46), a constitutional declaration of war against the Islamic State (ISIS). If passed, it would be the first constitutionally-declared foreign conflict that the U.S. government has been engaged in since World War II. Other Politics John Stossel: Covid Hypocrites [VIDEO]Jan 26, 2021 How Biden’s Executive Orders Will Impact TexasJan 22, 2021 There’s No […]

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Executive Branch: Original Intent vs the Power of Today

In September of this year, PBS aired a Ken Burn’s documentary titled The Roosevelts: An Intimate History.  Within the 14-hour documentary, Presidents Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt were endowed with the splendor for being men of great “vision”.  Men with such prowess, could not be confined by such nuisances as the U.S Constitution and that we are so blessed to have God […]

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Obama Playing with Constitutional Fire

Last week, President Obama made it clear that he will soon offer some form of limited amnesty to about five million foreign nationals who are currently living illegally in the United States. He will do so by issuing an executive order to federal officials who oversee immigration directing them to undertake a course of action that, if complied with individually […]

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ObamaCare: ‘If the Wine Is Sour, Throw It Out’

On November 7, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would hear the case of King vs. Burwell, one of the four cases challenging the IRS rule that ObamaCare subsidies can be given to policyholders who have bought health insurance through exchanges established by the federal government, contrary to the plain language of the law. The New York Times reported […]

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Austin County Election 2014 Ballots and Candidate Breakdown

Voting this year takes place on Tuesday November 4, 2014.  Austin County News Online has tried to make voting this year easier by doing all the searching on the web for you for candidates websites as well as other things.  Our voters guide below is full of links to your respective precincts ballot as well as explanations of each position, […]

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