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McCaul Opening Statement at Hearing on Unaccompanied Children at Border

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This morning, U.S. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) delivered the following opening statement at a hearing entitled “Dangerous Passage: The Growing Problem of Unaccompanied Children Crossing the Border.” Other National News Massive Data Breach At Equifax: As Many As 143 Million Social Security Numbers HackedSep 7, 2017 “Greatest Evacuation In History” – 650,000 Ordered To Leave Florida [VIDEO]Sep […]

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Breaking: Obama Orders U.S. Troops To Baghdad

Ben Swann – In an effort to secure the American embassy in Baghdad, President Obama announced Monday night that he will order 275 U.S. troops back to Iraq. These troops are being described as “equipped for combat”. The order comes only days after the President said that no U.S. troops would be sent to Iraq. Share This Article

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More Cities Block Meal-Sharing for Homeless

NBC News – More American cities are blocking individuals and ministries from feeding homeless people in parks and public squares, and several Americans have been ticketed for offering such charity, according to a forthcoming report by the National Coalition for the Homeless. To date, 33 cities have adopted or are considering such food–sharing restrictions, according to the coalition, which shared […]

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The “War on Poverty” Has Been a Stunning Defeat

Lyndon B. Johnson declared an “unconditional war on poverty in America” during his State of the Union address on January 8, 1964.  What followed was an unprecedented federal initiative to address poverty through education, job training and community programs.  Some scholars have given lectures on the “success” that Johnson’s “war” has had.  But, nothing could have prepared us for the latest statistics […]

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Confirmed: Many of Obamacare’s ‘Eight Million Enrollments’ are Duplicates

Townhall – We’ve been throwing cold water on the administration’s so-called exchange “enrollment” figures for months, and for good reason: They’re incomplete to the point of deception. The Washington Post reported back in November that official tabulations were including anyone who’s “selected a plan,” which is the equivalent of placing an item in a virtual shopping cart online, regardless of whether the check-out and […]

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