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Ingestible Medical Devices Can Be Broken Down With Light

A variety of medical devices can be inserted into the gastrointestinal tract to treat, diagnose, or monitor GI disorders. Many of these have to be removed by endoscopic surgery once their job is done. However, MIT engineers have now come up with a way to trigger such devices to break down inside the body when they are exposed to light from an ingestible LED.

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Researchers Hope to Make Needle Pricks For Diabetics A Thing of the Past

Patients with diabetes have to test their blood sugar levels several times a day to make sure they are not getting too high or too low. Studies have shown that more than half of patients don’t test often enough, in part because of the pain and inconvenience of the needle prick. But, a new noninvasive technique may allow those with diabetes to directly measure glucose concentrations through the skin.

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Here’s How Much Your Healthcare Costs Rise As You Age

By the time you reach 65 years old, average healthcare costs are $11.3K per person, per year in the United States. This is nearly triple the annual average cost of when you’re in your 20s and 30s. Even if your insurance company or Medicare covers most of that bill, the typical American can still be on the hook for a very large sum of money to cover their healthcare costs as they age.

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Thousands Of Medical Professionals Are Losing Their Licenses For Not Paying Their Student Debt

Some 1,000 healthcare workers have lost their licenses to practice in Florida due to their inability to pay off their student debt. There are additionally 12 other states that have the power to take away healthcare licenses for unpaid student loans. However, so far Florida is the only state actually enforcing the law. Could we see others join as student debt and delinquency continues to grow?

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