Buy Local, Go Local Focus – Sears Store, Sealy [VIDEO]

Anyone who grew up in a small rural town knows and understands the importance of the local Sears store.  Sears began opening stores in 1925, prior to that they had been bringing goods to the masses via a 500 plus page catalog.  Now the catalog has become a site on the world wide web where people can search for any item they desire and like your previous Sears Catalog stores the Sears Hometown store can receive anything you order from the website.

Local Owner Debbie Moeller brought the Sears Hometown store to Sealy in 2007.  At that time the store was located in the old Bills Supermarket strip center on Highway 36.  Now Sears has moved to the other side of Sealy to 1614 Hwy 36 N.  Heading North from I-10 on 36 you pass through scenic downtown Sealy towards Bellville and Sears Hometown is located across from the old Stockyards just past Sealy Tractor on the right hand side.

Hometown hard work and determination kept the store going while it was being moved to its new location.  Moeller and Dee Garza the store’s Assistant Manager both worked tirelessly to move the store and keep their customers happy.  “We never shut down the store,” stated Garza, “we kept moving the merchandise and selling at the same time.”  Customer service was their first priority.

Austin County Buy And Sell Facebook Business Directory SEOThis is nothing new for Moeller she worked for Sears for 16 years opening Sears Hardware stores.  She has done every aspect of the business.  After leaving Sears for one year to open her own Mom and Pop Café she decided Sears was her best fit and decided to open her own in Sealy seven years ago.

“We offer everything the Sears website offers,” stated Moeller, “customers can find it on the site and have it shipped here or if they find it somewhere else they can have us find the same item for them.”

Sears offers free delivery on the website.  This is a basic delivery that puts the item on you door step if you require that the item be set up in your home there is a $75 charge.  Moeller will send delivery men to your home with the item and they will install or set it up  for you.

Another advantage to shopping with your local Sears Hometown store is that you can become part of their club and receive discounts on the items you purchase.  “It is easy to sign up,” said Moeller, “all we need is your email address to get started.”

There are many other ways to save.  Shoppers can visit the store and Moeller or Garza can help you get signed up for these benefits.  The benefits range in discounts depending on what you sign-up for.  If you apply and are approved for a Sear’s credit card you actually receive points that can go towards purchasing products from Sears.  “I’ve actually had customers come in here and get all their appliances for free from the points they received from using their Sears credit card,” stated Moeller.

Sears carries a wide array of products and different brands.  Their number one seller is Kenmore and Craftsman.  They carry all brands though and if they do not have it in the store they can look on the website and have it ordered for their customers.

Another thing offered by Sears Hometown stores is layaway.  For people not wanting to buy things on credit but wanting the price it is at the time layaway is offered.  “The customer has two options either an eight week or twelve week program depending on the price of the merchandise,” said Moeller.

Price match is another option.  Moeller explained, “If you find an item you want at another store you can give us the model number and we will go on the website and find that model and match the price being offered by our competitor.”

Sears also offers maintenance plans according to Moeller, “the customer can purchase extended service plans on all our products.  With those the customer can take advantage of preventive maintenance and if the same thing keeps happening on the item Sears will replace the item.”

Debbie then took the opportunity to introduce her Assistant Manager Dee Garza.  Garza can help you with any of your needs.  “I know most anything about the hardware side of the business, but if you have any questions about anything else I can look it up on the website,”

Between the two of them Moeller and Garza can help you with any of your needs.  The store hours are Monday through Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm.  “Those are the hours we are open, but most times there is someone here by 7:30am, that sign means nothing if someone is here we are open,” said Moeller.