Burn Ban Now In Effect

Burn Ban Now In Effect

A burn ban was put in place at Monday’s Commissioners Court by unanimous vote.  You can hear the discussion at the 2:07:00 mark of the video.

Under the burn ban, the following rules are in place:

1. The use of combustible materials in an outdoor environment by any person is prohibited.  Combustible materials include, but are not limited to burning of trash, brush and open campfires and materials used outdoors in activities such as welding and any other activity that could result in a fire.

2. Outdoor welding shall be allowed under the following circumstances:

     A. Welding, cutting and grinding associated with welding activities shall not take place when the wind is over 15 miles per hour;

     B. The welder must notify the Austin County Sheriffs Department before any welding, cutting or grinding begins;

     C. All grass, leaves, brush and other easily combustible materials must be cleared within a fifty (50) foot radius surrounding the area where the activity is to take place before any welding, cutting or grinding begins; and,

     D. A spotter with water and a ready pressurized delivery system must be on hand before any welding, cutting or grinding begins and remain on hand until the activity is completed.

3. Outdoor use of above ground cooking grills will be allowed in a safe area
clear of debris.

In the event of a local disaster declaration, the use of county equipment to help control fires on private property is hereby authorized when necessary to protect the public interest and safety.

If you have any further questions on the matter, you can call the Austin County Courthouse at:  (979) 865-5911