Austin County Tax Assessor/Collector’s Office Unveils “Legacy Wall” [VIDEO]

On Monday, the Austin County Tax Assessor Collector’s office unveiled their “Legacy Wall”.  The Legacy Wall, located in the lobby when you enter the tax assessor’s building, is a wall of plaques dedicated to the past Tax Assessors/Collectors who served Austin County. 

Marcus Peña, the current Tax Assessor Collector, created the wall at his own expense and did all the research for it himself.  When asked, what inspired him to create the wall he responded:

“All these tax assessors left a legacy for us or, who left a legacy for me to stand on and I want to build that legacy for them and those who come after me.”

Pastor Nancy McCready of Christian City Fellowship was on hand at the dedication to say a prayer to commemorate the moment.  The guests were then invited to join in a small reception. 

Below is a list of the previous Tax Assessors/Collectors that served Austin County.    The names in bold with a (*) after them are the plagues that currently have no picture.  The tax assessor’s office is asking if you would help them get in touch with anyone who knew these individuals or who know the families of these individuals, please contact or have them contact the Austin County Tax Assessor/Collectors office at:  (979) 865-8633.

  • G.A. Kopisch – 1900 – 1904*
  • Otto Wangeman:  1900 – 1906*
  • W. Scheider: 1906 – 1918*
  • Fred Grote:  1908 – 1918*
  • G.A. Froelich:  1920 – 1930*
  • Gus Engelking:  1920 – 1924*
  • Adolph Mikeska:  1926 – 1932
  • C. Strauss:  1954 – 1956
  • Victor Witte:  1950 – 1952*
  • M. Keimsteadt:  1952 – 1954
  • Eddie Richter:  1958 – 1986
  • Joe L. Spacek:  1988 – 1990
  • Harlan Schrader:  1992 – 1994*
  • Janice Kokemor:  1996 – 2012*
  • Marcus Peña:  2012 – 2016

You may notice that some of the names have concurrent dates.  This is because before 1930, the tax assessor and the collector were two separate positions.  It wasn’t until after 1930 that the state voted to consolidate the positions into a single position.



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